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Achieving great results is not measured by numbers but by your behaviors.

Bill Xiarhos

My name is Bill Xiarhos. I'm the Founder of Integrity Solutions.



This is my Story 


In 2004, I was Co-owner of a martial arts school.  I decided that I wanted to develop my own personal sparring strategy.  After pouring over the types of strategies I could choose from, I made the decision to pursue an Integrity strategy.  My thinking was that every time I sparred I wanted to improve my integrity and reduce my opponent's integrity.  

I spent about a week examining how to fulfill my strategy.  I realized that an Integrity strategy was not limited to sparring.  It became the entire reason I would choose to defend myself.

Again, I started researching integrity, this time as a self-defense philosophy. I continued my research into integrity by asking one of my mentors about how he defined integrity.  He gave me the quote on our home page.  

"A person of integrity is a person of wholeness. This means that all parts of one's life are governed by the same ideals or principles so that no part of one's behavior is a lie.  One's behavior is not determined by circumstances, conditions or consequences, but by one's decision to express their beliefs.

Each individual should be able to fill in this formula with their own belief system."  - Skip Hancock

Once again, my study of integrity expanded when I realized integrity was the core value that I wanted to build my life around.

It occurred to me that if I wanted to develop a higher level of integrity, there will likely other people out there who wanted to do the same thing.

From the time I was 17, I realized I enjoyed helping others improve themselves.  As a person who has struggled to be successful with everything I've tried, I could relate to what others were going through.

Even before I became an entrepreneur, I saw entrepreneurs struggling with the day to day challenges of growing their businesses.  I recognized that they were not just dealing with business challenges. They often had personal challenges as well.  From that, I made a decision that working with entrepreneurs would be how I was going to fulfill my passion for helping others.  

I created Integrity Solutions as the vehicle that gives me the opportunity to help the greatest number of people possible.